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We have a School Travel Plan which looks at addressing problems around transport and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The Travel Plan is available from school.


The Regional Authority provides transport where the walking distance from home to school, by the shortest safe route, is more than 2 miles for children under 8 years old, and more than 3 miles for children who are 8 years old or over. All children entitled to travel on the bus are issued with a bus pass.
Bus Route

Morning Route supplied by Houstons

0805 - Courance

0812 - Lambholm

0815 - Dalfibble

0820 - Nethermill

0822 - School

0826 - Parkgate

0830 - School

Afternoon Route

Afternoon Route

1505 - School

1507 - Nethermill

1514 - Barony College

1518 - Parkgate Beech Avenue

1520 - Parkgate Clark's Engineering

1525 - Courance

Good discipline on the buses is essential. If children are unruly they may be deprived of their place.

Walking to School

During specific weeks, for example 'Walk to School Week', and on most Fridays in the summer term, we operate a walking bus. This is where children meet in Nethermill, and those who have traveled on the bus from further away get off. We then walk the mile along to school. The children wear fluorescent tabards and are accompanied by staff and volunteer parents.

Cycling to school

Some children choose to cycle to school when we are running our after school cycling club or cycling proficiency. We are considering ways of operating a 'cycling bus' along the lines of the walking bus.

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