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School Procedures Absences

If your child is off school please let us know by a telephone call followed by a letter (there have been problems receiving note of absences by email in the past if there are internet problems). We are required to keep an accurate record of any unauthorized absences. The latter may be recorded as truancy. Such truancy would be followed up by the Education Department.

Emergency Procedures

Miss Farrell is responsible for the school at all times, even on the occasions when she has to be away from the school building. She will always leave a contactable number when not in school and can be contacted via the office.

Emergency Closure

Head Teachers are authorized to make an emergency closure of the school in the best interests of the pupils. The safety and well-being of pupils are paramount.

The school will make every effort to publicise any sudden closure. In instances of severe weather, parents should be advised to contact the school if they are in doubt about it opening or check the Dumfries & Galloway council website - School will send out a text message to emergency contact numbers if school will not be open on a given day, contact will always be made via phone if school is to close part way through a day. No pupil will leave the school unless the school is aware that an identified adult will be available at the destination.

Emergency Contacts

Parents must keep the school informed of any changes to the emergency contact telephone numbers. This prevents problems in contacting people in a situation where the pupils have to be sent home for any reasons, for example, illness or bad weather.

School Rules

Whilst we do not have a strict set of 'school rules', children are aware of our core values. These are to be happy, determined, respectful, responsible, creative, ambitious, confident and polite. We talk about these values each week in assemblies and look for examples of these in practice each week. Children know that good behaviour is expected.

In order to keep safe, children know the following;

  • We stay inside the school gates
  • We walk inside school
  • Listen carefully to any instruction given by an adult


Security measures have been introduced to the school in order to provide a safe environment for your child to work and play.

These measures include all entrance doors being locked during academic times, a CCTV and intercom-bell facility at the main door. To gain access just ring the bell and the door can be remotely released.


Although it is expected that such incidents will be rare, situations can arise where a parent or pupil may feel that they have a justified complaint against the school. Such complaints should always be made, in the first instance, to the Head Teacher. Most problems can be resolved at this level.

If the matter cannot be resolved in this way, or indeed if the complaint is against the Head teacher, this can be referred to the Education Authority. The contact for this is Mrs. Janie Riddett, who is based at Woodbank, tel: 01387 260427.

Health and Hygiene

We encourage personal hygiene through aspects of our Health and Wellbeing work. Children are given time to wash their hands before lunch, there is antibacterial soap available in the bathrooms. We also have tissues in each classroom and children use these rather than personal handkerchiefs to reduce the spread of infection. Our Infant Class undertake a toothbrushing programme monitored by the Health Service.

Our school nurse works with us on specific issues concerning Health and Hygiene. She also works with individual children where there is a need, for example as part of an Individual Education Plan.  Sex and Relationships Education is covered by Teaching staff in P5-7. 

First Aiders/Medical Emergencies

Mrs Pringle, Principal Teacher, is our allocated member of staff with up-to-date First Aid Training.   Any medical emergencies would be dealt with in the appropriate manner and parents would be informed at the earliest opportunity


There are few problems with discipline, most involve minor disagreements during unstructured time and children are encouraged to resolve their differences immediately. If problems with discipline do arise, we operate a positive behaviour policy, praising desired behaviour rather than punishing low level misdemeanors. A quiet reminder is usually all that is required.

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