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We have a School Travel Plan which looks at addressing problems around transport and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The Travel Plan is available from school.


The Regional Authority provides transport where the walking distance from home to school, by the shortest safe route, is more than 2 miles for children under 8 years old, and more than 3 miles for children who are 8 years old or over. All children entitled to travel on the bus are issued with a bus pass.

Bus Route

Morning Route supplied by Houstons

08.20 ~ Cumleys

08.25 ~ Dalfibble/Barony

08.30 ~ Parkgate

08.35 ~ Courance

08.40 ~ School

Afternoon Route

15.00 ~ School

15.05 ~ Courance

15.10 ~ Singleton

15.15 ~ Parkgate

15.20 ~ Barony

15.25 ~ Cumleys

15.30 ~ Dalfibble

Good discipline on the buses is essential. If children are unruly they may be deprived of their place.

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